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We have three tiers of programs to suit a multitude of needs. The trainers will suggest which option might be the best fit for your unique circumstances. 

Owner Trained Dogs:

Our owner trained program is for people local enough to travel to Cheyenne for training sessions at least monthly. We can do virtual sessions in between our in person training. This is a combination of private, one on one training as well as public access group classes. 


Hybrid Trained Dogs:

Our Hybrid trained program is for people who may have some dog handling experience, but live far away and want to make sure their dog has a great foundation before going into virtual training or before coming to private lessons, if local. This is a great option to get the dog a good start on task work, then the owner finishes the training at home. The dogs board with us for 4-6 months, then go home to finish out private training via lessons and group classes. As with all of our programs, this comes with back up training for the life of the dog.


Fully Trained Dogs:

Our Fully trained program is for people who may have disabilities or schedule constraints that limit their ability to participate in training. We start the puppies at a young age and then place the dogs, ready to work with their handlers when they are ready to graduate. This program typically runs for 12-15 months of boarding, with a week of integration training for the dog and new handler. This package also comes with back up training for life.

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